Preserving water resources for local communities

Capstone Copper’s Human Rights Policy recognizes water as a fundamental human right. We are committed to the preservation of water resources and to continually reducing our environmental footprint. For us, practicing water stewardship means using water efficiently, reusing water whenever possible, and avoiding impacts to water.

Today, we are aggressively implementing water conservation measures and pursuing alternate water sources to sustain our various mining operations. A state-of-the-art desalination plant will allow us to use seawater to supply both our Mantoverde and Santo Domingo mining operations in Chile – preserving fresh water for local communities.

We are also working collaboratively with our sites, expert consultants and other stakeholders to improve our tailings management and decrease our overall water use.

Case Study

How seawater supplies our Mantoverde mine

At Mantoverde, we own a state-of-the-art desalination plant, which is located on the coast approximately 40 kilometers west of the mine.

Our desalination plant supplies all water requirements for our current operations at Mantoverde with 120 liters per second, and will supply all water requirements for our expanded operation following the completion of the MV Development Project with 380 liters per second. It has also been agreed that, following the expansion of the desalination plant, water will be provided to the local authority to be utilized in the community of Flamenco.

Our desalination plant will soon supply our Santo Domingo operation as well, which is located approximately 30km southwest of our Mantoverde property.

Mantoverde desalination plant

Case Study

Mantos Blancos

At Mantos Blancos, water is provided by the water companies FCAB and ADASA. ADASA provides industrial-quality water for the concentrator and FCAB provides clean water for the SX-EW process.

The water from both providers comes from surface water sources in the Loa River nearby Calama and the high Andes where these companies have long-term water concessions from the Chilean Government. The water is transported in pipelines towards the city of Antofagasta, and supplies Mantos Blancos en-route.