Health & Safety

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Health and safety is part of our culture.  “Work Responsibly” is one of our core values. Our management approach starts with a commitment from the highest level of our organization to safeguard the health and safety of people with our Code of Conduct, EHS&S Policy and performance oversight from the THES&S Board Committee. Our Capstone Safety Leadership Team (comprised of senior management, Mine General Managers, and Health and Safety Managers) meets monthly to review high-potential incidents and develop initiatives to encourage a behaviour-based safety culture.

Each of our operations has a dedicated health and safety team. Our health and safety teams have the critical mandate of supporting our workforce to identify, eliminate or control workplace hazards. They support incident investigations and monitor completion of corrective actions. These teams coordinate training on general safety awareness, as well as task and specific hazard training, and lead the emergency response programs.

We empower our workforce to take responsibility for their own safety. We train our employees and contractors to evaluate the risks associated with their tasks prior to commencing work, and to understand how to safely perform their tasks. Any employee or contractor has the right to refuse work in an environment they consider unsafe. In 2017 we implemented our Values In Action program as a mandatory component of our health and safety training program for all employees and contractors.

We focus improvements on critical risk areas and audit the results. Our operations are advancing standardized Loss Control Management Systems that support a systematic approach to incident reduction. The systems include a critical risk inventory to identify the top 20% of high-risk activities (e.g. locking out equipment before maintenance, confined space entry, working near heavy equipment). This helps us focus on evaluating and improving the most critical areas of health and safety.

We measure our health and safety performance. Setting annual corporate and site objectives for continuous reduction in the number of health and safety incidents, striving towards zero harm, is a component of annual performance evaluation. Our health and safety teams measure performance by tracking incidents and corrective actions, and evaluating several lagging and leading indicators. The introduction of leading indicators in 2017 strengthened our approach by allowing us to proactively monitor and measure conditions to support preventative action before incidents occur, in addition to evaluating causes after an incident has taken place. A well-established suite of leading indicators will help us understand drivers for our performance. We communicate results across the workforce on a regular basis.