Please click here to view our integrated Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHSS) Policy

Environmental compliance is a key component of our business approach. Our EHS&S Policy defines our commitment to continuously improve our environmental performance, establish environmental programs and operate in compliance with applicable legislation as minimum requirements.

We measure our performance. We set annual objectives to drive continuous improvement and reduce the number of environmental incidents. Incidents are reported internally as soon as they happen, and compiled weekly and monthly for management reporting purposes. There are regulatory requirements for reporting spills of certain materials over certain quantities or exceedance of regulatory criteria, which varies by jurisdiction.We categorize these spills as “reportable.”

Dedicated environment teams are in place at our operations. We conduct monitoring, sampling and inspection programs. Our environment teams provide environmental awareness and task-specific training to the workforce. We communicate compliance requirements to workers who have direct responsibilities for permit requirements, then we track those requirements to completion. Mine and environmental teams work closely on daily operations, expansion proposals and long-term closure requirements to integrate environmental considerations into mine plans.

We focus on prevention and treat any incident as a learning opportunity. Our spill prevention approach emphasizes training and preventive maintenance on equipment. We require all workers to report any spill, no matter how small, so that we can learn from it. Each operation has spill management procedures in place. Environment teams also conduct inspections to ensure appropriate spill prevention practices are in place. Corrective action following an incident may include additional training, revision of standard operating procedures or repairing/replacing equipment. Remediation of spills may include collecting and managing impacted material.