Capstone is committed to creating and preserving value for our stakeholders, including our employees and contractors, the local communities in which we operate in, and our shareholders; and adapting to changing conditions, including global climate change, cyclical industry trends and evolving political and social issues worldwide.

Our Terms of Reference for Board Oversight of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ensures sufficient oversight of Capstone's ESG strategy, ESG risks that can affect Capstone’s long-term strategy and performance, and ESG disclosure to improve long-term value for our stakeholders.

Our Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHSS) Policy supports Capstone’s principles and values of safeguarding the health and safety of people, minimizing the impact of our activities on the ecosystem, respecting the conditions of the natural environment and communities in which we operate, while safeguarding Capstone’s assets.

We have released a Sustainability Summary for the period covering January 1, 2018 to June 30, 2020, for the following material topics: Governance, Health and Safety, Water, Waste and Hazardous Material, Climate Change and Energy Emissions, Air Emissions and Education, Diversity & Inclusion and Education. To view our achieved sustainability reports, refer to the Other Annual Filings section of the Reports and Filings page.

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We are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance and operating in compliance with applicable legislation as minimum requirements.

Our dedicated environmental and operations teams work closely on daily operations, expansion proposals and long-term closure requirements to integrate environmental considerations into mine plans.

We focus on prevention and learning to set opportunities to implement best practices, as well as set progressive annual objectives to drive continuous improvement. and.

Environmental stewardship is a priority.

In mid-2019, Capstone hired an experienced tailings engineer to oversee tailings management at all of our sites, and to work collaboratively with our sites, consultants and other stakeholders to continuously improve our tailings operations. Their mandate includes supporting the overall strategic direction of the company and guiding the technical support function across all Capstone sites.

Our operations are committed to the preservation of water resources and to continually reduce our environmental footprint. Pinto Valley continues to aggressively implement water conservation measures and to pursue alternate water sources to sustain mining operations. Recent projects include increasing the amount of water recovered from tailings before delivering them to tailings storage facilities, thereby decreasing overall water use needs. Cozamin operates their tailings thickener to allow 75% of the water used in the mill to be recovered for use by the mine. This reduces the mine’s water consumption and improves the geotechnical and environmental performance of the tailings facility.

Health And Safety

We empower our workforce to take responsibility for their own safety by providing training to evaluate the risks associated with their tasks prior to commencing work, and to understand how to safely perform their tasks.

We focus improvements on identifying, eliminating and controlling workplace hazards and continually improve the most critical risk areas of health and safety, and audit the results.

We measure our health and safety performance and set reduced targets annually, continually striving towards zero harm.

Work Responsibly is a core value and a part of our culture.

In 2019, our corporate exploration team was presented with a Safe Day Everyday Bronze Award from the Association for Mineral Exploration and the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada for achieving a year without lost time in 2018.

In 2017, we developed a values-based training program called Values in Action and Leadership in Action, to drive change in our personal behaviours. These workshops were developed by our employees with the goal of illustrating the critical importance of everyone taking personal responsibility for safety – we cannot achieve zero harm without each one of us becoming Safety Leaders at Capstone.


We operate in regions with long traditions of mining and neighbouring communities that support mining.

We proactively and openly work with local communities to identify, understand and mitigate potential concerns and impacts.

We support local communities and aim to be good community neighbors with both community contributions and lending a helping hand where and when needed.

Where we operate is our local community.

In mid-2019, our commitment to safety and community was strongly demonstrated by our Pinto Valley colleagues during the Arizona Woodbury wildfires. The team's hard work and tremendous commitment to safety ensured there was no harm to our people or damage to our assets. Pinto Valley worked closely with local authorities to assist and support as needed, and was recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation by SAIMT (Southwest Area Incident Management Team) for our organized and skilled assistance.


Community Contributions

Our goal is to partner with initiatives and organizations to strengthen the overall quality of life in the communities we operate in and where our employees live and work.

The organizations we support must provide direct services to local communities, be a registered charity and support our values. Capstone prioritizes support in the following four core areas:

  • Health/Social/Welfare
  • Leadership/Civic/Sports
  • Children/Education
  • Environment

We recognize the importance of contributing to the communities in which we operate.

In 2010, Capstone committed to fund $3 million over seven years to the Oncology Outpatient Clinic in the new BC Children's Hospital. At any given time, close to 1,000 children from BC and Yukon are in active cancer treatment at BC Children's Hospital.

"BC's children are the heart of our community. We want to support the young minds who have so much potential for our community. We believe that making an investment in their lives will offer a bright new perspective for the future."

During March to May 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pinto Valley donated 250 N95 masks to Cobre Valley Regional Medical Centre in Globe, Arizona to help support medical workers and Cozamin donated 50,000 pesos to the Ministry of Finance to purchase supplies from companies based in Zacatecas, 10 hospital beds to the state government, as well as send 1,250 protective masks to the Minister of Public Security and 250 masks to the State Attorney General’s Office to help protect workers. Four of the hospital beds were sent to the COVID-19 hospital and the other six beds to the Juchipila Community Hospital. Santo Domingo donated food boxes to local communities and families in Region III of Chile. The corporate office employees donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and Capstone matched the employee total. 


We are committed to investing in our people to develop a skilled and engaged workforce, not only for today, but for our future.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for any types of harassment and our Respectful Workplace Policy supports our goal of ensuring all employees and contractors can work each day in an environment that is safe and respectful.

Our people are the heart of our organization.

Pinto Valley is committed to the development of its people through its PVM Leadership Academy, which focuses on building skills so that everyone can be a good safety leader.

In 2019 and 2020, Pinto Valley partnered with other local mining companies for a Women in Mining series in the Globe Miami Times, a regional newspaper. Four female Pinto Valley employees were featured in the year-long series, which showcased the mining heritage of the area and the many women with seasoned careers. They shared their inspiration to pursue a career in mining, their day-to-day work life and their perspectives on the mining industry.

In 2019, Pinto Valley underwent a cultural transformation to “WE ARE Pinto Valley”, founded on three core principles: (1) provide great leadership, (2) deliver great maintenance, and (3) simplicity. Watch this video to see the mine in action and hear directly from the employees on what this cultural shift means to them.


We have a robust enterprise risk management oversight program from an engaged team at the Board and Senior Management level and throughout the organization.

Visit our Governance page to view our Code of Conduct and Board Committee terms of reference.

We strongly believe that good corporate governance practices are essential for an effectively managed company, which in turn enhances shareholder value.

In the past four years, our strong governance framework resulted in an ISS Governance Score of 1, indicating the highest level of governance quality and the lowest level of governance risk.

In October 2020, Cozamin was awarded the Ethics and Values Award in the “Multinational Companies” category by the CONCAMIN (Confederation of Industrial Chambers of Mexico). The award recognizes companies who have developed a culture governed by ethics and values.