Pinto Valley

1924 Pinto Valley Mining Company acquires the property that is now known as Pinto Valley
1940 A subsidiary of Miami Copper, Castle Dome Copper Company, acquires the Pinto Valley property
1960 U.S. Steel acquires title to landholdings of Miami Copper; Tennessee Corporation acquires Miami Copper’s mining equipment and facilities, with an option to acquire title to landholdings
1965 Tennessee Corporation exercises its option and acquires the mine
1969 Cities Service merges with Tennessee Corporation
1972 Pinto Valley development commences
1974 Pinto Valley production commences
1982 Occidental acquires Cities Service;
Pinto Valley placed on care and maintenance
1983 Newmont acquires former Miami Copper properties from Cities Service;
Title transfers to Newmont’s subsidiary Pinto Valley Copper Corporation
1984 Newmont announces plans to restart Pinto Valley sulphide mining
1986 Pinto Valley Copper Corporation merges with Magma, another subsidiary of Newmont
1987 Newmont divests itself of Magma’s stock; Magma becomes a publicly-traded company
1996 Broken Hill Proprietary Ltd. purchases Magma;
Magma’s name changes to BHP Copper
1998 Pinto Valley sulphide mining placed on care and maintenance; production limited to SX/EW copper
2001 Broken Hill Proprietary Ltd. merges with Billiton Plc
2007 Pinto Valley sulphide mining restarts
2009 Pinto Valley sulphide mining placed on care and maintenance
Dec/12 BHP Copper restarts Pinto Valley sulphide mining
Oct/13 Capstone purchases Pinto Valley Operations and the associated SMARRCO railroad
Mar/14 Capstone extends Pinto Valley mine life to 2026
Jan/16 Capstone extends Pinto Valley mine life to 2039