Vision, Mission & Strategy

Capstone’s vision is to be the best managed copper company within our peer group, delivering industry leading returns. We are focused on profitability, a growing production profile and operating in a safe and responsible manner. Our approach is to focus on operations, development projects and exploration opportunities in politically safe jurisdictions, with an emphasis on the Americas. Copper is our expertise and we believe the long-term prospects to be positive due to continued growth in demand and scarcity of new supply.

We manage our Company conservatively, blending a disciplined and measured approach to capital allocation with an entrepreneurial operating model. We lever a rigorous enterprise risk management system to manage our business and maintain a financing level which we can sustain through the low points in the commodity cycle. Throughout 2019, our intention is to continue to use excess cash to reduce the Company’s debt and re-invest in high rate of return capital opportunities. Our annual scorecard, available in our annual Management Information Circulate on our website and SEDAR, sets targets for operational performance, strategic initiatives and sustainable performance.

We maintain our social licence to operate by demonstrating safety, environmental and social responsibility with our employees and the communities in which we operate. We proactively manage business risks by embedding enterprise risk management into our business.

At the heart of all that we do, safety is our priority. Our goal is that every one of our employees returns home safely every day.